sojourn [noun soh- jurn] - a temporary stay; to linger, rest, pause and reflect for a short amount of time;                                                                    a holiday or short vacation of contemplation, recreation and recuperation

No matter who you are or where you are heading, we all need to take time to rest. At Sojourn, we know there is healing in rest. Our minds, body and spirit all need rejuvenation, and it is our promise to you that we will create rest for all your senses.

Sojourn: The Art of Rest. 


Inspired by restful revelation, our art is a visual reminder of promise, hope, love and joy. Available as either originals or prints, our art is an affordable keepsake for your home, office or studio to keep you grounded in rest and mindfulness.

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In our modern society we all are under more pressure than ever to work more hours, pulling us away from our family and relationships.

Sojourn was birthed from a personal story of over-working and underplaying.

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You can come and find us:

What's In The Box Market
Saturday 2nd September 2017
Box Hill Town Hall
1022 Whitehorse Road
Box Hill Victoria

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